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Our Story


Whilst we only purchased our Vineyard in December 2015 our history with this land goes back much further. 

In 1915 my grandfather was stationed at the army base which surrounds the property on three sides before being sent to the western front in Europe. In later life he spoke with fondness of the wonderful Whiskey made by the owners of the property. Remnants of the old stills that were once used on the property still exist today.

Our Land


Our first few vines were planted in the 1950s and continuously over the years since.   These aged vines produce some beautifully intense Shiraz, and Shiraz Cabernet as well as  a very subtle Rose. 0

Our Wines


Our wines are carefully crafted from our aged vines and the result is wine of the best value for money which will age well and be a pleasure to drink over the coming years. Our wines are always available to members at a DISCOUNTED price 

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